Courses Offered
Programmes Duration Seats
B.Tech. Civil Engineering 4 Years 90
Computer Science & Engineering 4 Years 90
Electronics & Communication Engineering 4 Years 60
Mechanical Engineering 4 Years 60
MBA Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, Information Technology
Retail Mangement, International Business
2 Years 60
Diploma Civil Engineering 3 Years 60
Mechanical Engineering (Production) 3 Years 60
Mechanical Engineering (Automobile) 3 Years 60
B.Tech  »»  Civil Engineering

"The road to success is always under construction" Get it right....CIVIL ENGINEERS"

Seats: 90 Duration: 4 Years

Reasons to choose this course :

  • The Civil Engineering programme benefits from being taught in an integrated department of building and civil engineering.
  • Graduates can expect a varied and challenging career with good salaries, and secure employment.
  • Graduates can find career opportunities all over the world.
  • Latest surveying equipments available to the students.

What is the degree in Civil Engineering about?

Civil Engineers are involved in the assessment, planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of physical resources such as road and rail systems, bridges and tunnels, docks, harbours, sea defences, airports, dams and reservoirs, water supply systems, pollution control systems, mines, and structures associated with energy supply. In addition, they are involved in ensuring the strength, stability and serviceability of building structures.

How is the course delivered?

This course is delivered through lectures and practicals. The practicals, time spent in construction laboratories and computer laboratories; represent approximately 40% of the course and the lectures or tutorials make up about 60% of the course.

What facilities are available?

State of the art computer laboratories with a wide range of civil engineering, construction and quantity surveying software and internet access to standards, regulations and legislation. Civil engineering laboratories for Survey, Geo Technology, Transportation, Building Material, Applied Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics. Besides this seminars are conducted on regular basis to make students aware about the latest developments in the field of Civil Engineering.

B.Tech  »»  Computer Science and Engineering

"Computing is not about computers any more. It is about living"

Seats: 90 Duration: 4 Years

Reasons to choose this course :

  • State of the art computing facilities.
  • Excellent career opportunities in India and internationally.
  • Excellent career prospects in an expanding market.

What is the Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer Science about?

This degree focuses on the fundamentals of computing and the course has a high practical content with a strong programming emphasis. Skills acquired include programming skills such as JAVA and Visual Basic, graphic design and multimedia techniques, web development and computer applications in the business environment. The focus of the degree is on software development using the most modern techniques giving students skills in software development, software quality assurance, and project management.

How is the course delivered?

The course consists of a combination of lectures, practicals, tutorials, projects, seminars, presentations and speakers from industry. The first year of this course is taught assuming that students have no prior knowledge of computers. The computer applications module gives students a working knowledge of computers very early in the course.

What facilities are available?

The aim of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering is to produce and disseminate theory, principles, practice and know-how of computing in the information age, for the critical analysis, design, evaluation, and improvement of computing systems in tune with the needs and demands of changing times. It is our objective to prepare our students to be successful in computer engineering practice and to be able to pursue advanced studies in computer engineering and computer science, on a competitive universal basis.

B.Tech  »»  Electronics and Communication Engineering

"Electronics is clearly the winner of the day"

Seats: 60 Duration: 4 Years

Reasons to choose this course :

What is the degree in Electronics and Communication engineering about?

Electronics is fundamental to many of the things we take for granted today. Everything from mobile phones to aircraft and medical equipment relies on electronics, and it is difficult to think of any area of life that has not been affected by developments in electronics.

How is the course delivered?

The course is delivered through lectures and practicals. Lectures make up approximately 60% and practicals 40% of the course content. Continuous assessment is typically 50% of the final examination. Tutorials in mathematics are provided at the start of 1st year.

What facilities are available?

In tune with the latest developments and keeping pace with the rapidly evolving technology, specialized laboratories have been established with a view to strengthen research and development. Equipped with state of the art equipment and instruments for experimentation in different subjects, these assist in exhaustive study and help them in learning various concepts through practical experience.

The department has a well supplemented set of laboratories. There labs are as follows: Electronics Engg. Labs, PCB Lab, Communication Lab, Digital Electronics Lab, Microprocessor Lab.

B.Tech  »»  Mechanical Engineering

"If it moves, it's mechanical engineering!"

Seats: 60 Duration: 4 Years

Reasons to choose this course :

  • Good employment opportunities throughout the world.
  • Mechanical Engineering students are trained to be problem solvers.

What is the degree in Mechanical Engineering about?

Mechanical Engineering is a core engineering discipline. Mechanical engineers are concerned with the design, development, manufacture, operation and maintenance of a wide variety of machinery from large mechanical machines like jet and rocket engines to minute instruments and apparatus used in medicine.

Mechanical engineers plan and design such diverse products as plastic hip joints, power producing machines such as turbines and internal combustion engines, automobiles, refrigeration equipment, vacuum cleaners, kitchen mixers and electric golf trolleys. Without the mechanical engineer, we would not have the motorcar, dishwashers, paperclips, central air-conditioning and many more items that we now take for granted and rely on in our daily lives.

How is the course delivered?

The course is delivered through lectures and practicals. Lectures make up approximately 60% and practicals 40% of the course content. Continuous assessment is typically 50% of the final examination. Tutorials in mathematics are provided at the start of 1st year.

What facilities are available?

To enhance deeper understanding of the subject and practical orientation, the departmental laboratories are equipped with latest instruments. The department has well equipped laboratories which include: Workshop, Engineering Mechanics, Computer aided Engineering Graphics, Material Science and Testing, Machine Drawing, Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Manufacturing Science, Measurement and Metrology and Electrical Engineering, and Automatic Control Laboratory.

Master of Business Administration

"Management is, above all, a practice where art, science, and craft meet"

Seats: 60 Duration: 2 Years

Reasons to choose this course :

  • Opportunity to gain a degree in a specialized area of study.
  • Extensive links with industry.
  • Gain a thorough understanding of the practical application of core business skills.
  • Guest speakers from industry are a key component of the programme MBA.

What is the postgraduate degree in Business Administration about?

The Master of Business is an exciting two-year programme dedicated to enabling graduates to deepen their business knowledge and extend their strategic capabilities. Graduates will be ready to enter the employment market or create their own business, and develop into leaders who will guide and create tomorrow's businesses. Many of the guest lecturers have wide experience and knowledge of business development. The Institute is a leader in promoting local enterprise and germinating new potential businesses.

How is the course delivered?

A range of teaching and learning methods is used, catering for different learning styles, including:

  • Exposure to business leaders.
  • Live organizational projects to provide a realism that prepares participants for future work.
  • Company visits to expose participants to current practice.

We ensure that what our students learn is relevant to the needs of the business world. Over the course of the year, you will study 9 core strategic business subjects including undertaking a significant business research project.

Department has emerged as a pioneer in imparting management education programme. The MBA curriculum has been designed carefully and is reviewed time to time to upgrade with the emerging requirements of the corporate world. MBA is a two year full time programme consisting of four semesters. In the first two semesters students are exposed to areas of General Management, Organisation Behavior, Finance, HRM, System Management etc. In the last two semesters along with the core subject students opt for Specializations.

The core characteristics of MBA programme of the department are:

  • Routine Exposure to the corporate world through field visits.
  • Interface with renowned academicians and corporate experts.
  • Projects for the students in their functional area of Specializations.
  • Compulsory participation in Seminars and Workshops.
  • Overall personality development initiatives.
  • Interactive & learning environment.

Our Specialization:

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human Resource
  • Information Technology
  • Retail Management
  • International Business

The Institute offers three year Diploma program with the sanctioned intake of 60 in Civil Engineering and 60 in Mechanical(Production) Engineering for the students who have secured Minimum 60% marks in Highschool Examination.

The institute also offers two year Diploma program for the students who have secured minimum 60% marks in Intermediate Examination (PCM group).

Academic Block

The temple of learning that cultivates the right speeds of thought into the minds of tomorrow's bright prospects. With an introspect that views to changes the face of learning for ages to come.

The academic complex of IITM consists lecture rooms, tutorial rooms, staff offices and offices for the heads of departments, office of the director, Registrar and a hall for faculty members and all other ancillary facilities.


LIBRARY - A Storehouse of Knowledge

IITM understands well the fundamental importance of a library in promoting lifelong learning and improving the knowledge, skills and competence of its students. The Institute has a Library and information centre of exceptional quality and strives to improve the high standards of the facility. Connecting both students and faculty with global resources of knowledge, the Library continues to adapt to challenging new demands and provides a professional and conducive learning atmosphere for the empowerment of its users.
The IITM Library contributes to the fulfillment of the Institute mission by: Selecting, acquiring, organizing, maintaining and making accessible a collection of printed and non-printed, primary and secondary materials which will support the educational programmes of both students and faculty.

Responding to the varying needs of the academic community by involving faculty, students, and administration in the development and periodic assessment of library services and resources.
Providing library users with point-of-use instruction, personal assistance, and other reference services.
Providing an environment conducive to the optimum use of library materials and an appropriate schedule of hours of service and professional assistance.
Enhancing the library's resources and services through cooperative relationships with other libraries and agencies.
The library is replete with documents, volumes of books, CDs, Video Cassettes and Audio Cassettes.

Book Bank

In addition to a well maintained library, the college has a rich Book- Bank exclusively for students. Under this novel project called Book- Bank, every student deposits Rs.1200 for year and gets maximum six books per semester for exhaustive personal use. The books are to be returned at the end of the semester and a fresh set of books are issued at the commencement of a new semester.

Student's Book Club: A Brief

The Students Book Club is a rare achievement of the institute. It is an autonomously run club exclusively for students. Set up with an initial grant from the trustees, it has a large and eclectic collection of English books to enhance students' prowess in the English language, all-round intellectual growth, and reading pleasure. The collection includes fiction (action thrillers, detective fiction, fantasy, literary classics, mystery, romance, science fiction, wit and humour, etc. and non-fiction/general-interest books (cricket, ecology, mysticism and religion, nation-building, popular science, puzzles, toy-making, wildlife, world history, etc.) by world-famous Indian and foreign writers. Mr. Rohit David help and monitor the selection of books for the club and the procedures & records of the club.

Laboratory & Workshop

Engineering education is incomplete without an adequate training in the laboratory - demonstration, experimentation and analysis. The laboratories at IITM are equipped, keeping in view the training for the basics of the subject and also the research and industrial requirement.

Science Laboratory

Two laboratories are dedicated exclusively to practical experimentation and demonstration in science subjects, namely - Chemistry & Physics.

Engineering Laboratory

The laboratories are grouped under Mechanical engineering and Electronics engineering. Material Testing laboratory is equipped with Universal Testing Machine and other equipments.
The institute has developed a well-equipped workshop for training of students in the first year course. At present the work shop classes are held in the Main Building. The regular workshop building is under construction and is expected to be completed soon.
The institute is in the process of establishing other equipment in various labs like Thermodynamics, IC engines, Microprocessors and Digital Electronics.

Computing Facilities........To make a Leap To Gen-next

Computer Network

The IITM campus is one of the best computing networks in North India. With constant up-gradation to provide students and staff the state-of-the-art facilities, the Institute is reputed for the excellence of its work across a range of computer-based disciplines. The highly distributed computing environment uses cutting-edge computer simulation to solve problems for industry and academia.

It is managed, and actively supported, by highly qualified and experienced technical people headed by a Systems Manager.

At IITM, there has been a reasonable investment in a CAT-5E cables for networking across the campus. Wireless connectivity is given at certain locations to give internet access to faculties.

Internet facilities are provided throughout the campus through Broad Band lines from BSNL (Service Providers) to students and faculties.

General computing labs are also available for students of all disciplines.

General Access / Instructional Computing Laboratories (Internet-enabled)

The Internet enabled library is used

  • To train students in programming languages.
  • To train students to develop database projects on DB2, ORACLE and SQL Server.
  • To train students for an UNIX based environment and encourages them to do their projects in UNIX.
  • To train students in multimedia tools.
  • To retrieve huge amounts of data whose effective manipulation can today determine the success of enterprises.
  • For Internet, Knowledge Discovery, Multimedia Contents, image, video databases and geographic information.
  • To configuring and administrating switches and Routers.

The English Language Communication Laboratory is a state-of-the-art lab with the latest multimedia facilities. Its learner centered approach aims at improving the communication skills of students through 30 systems. Besides laboratories, Departments like Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, Electronics and Communication, have different computing facilities supported with special software.