We can envisage the future - we can innovate and fine-tune IITM to the needs of modern-day students in our rapidly changing corporate-industrial climate.

 Indus Education Society (IES)

Indus Education Society (IES), an association of visionaries and a group of experienced professionals holding senior positions in the industry decided to privilege the need to provide accessible, affordable, high quality learning opportunities in a culturally and intellectually supportive environment, launched Indus Institute of Technology and Management.

 Being faithful

Being faithful to its name from which is derived the name of our great nation "India", Indus Institute of Technology and Management (IITM) will be fully involved in making India the global epicenter of knowledge and Institute aims to nurture the pioneering spirit and zeal amongst the youth by enlightening with the world of knowledge and the pursuit of perfection to make each student a 'Verto' to confront the emerging challenges of the future and to make India a global power.

 The promoters of IITM

The promoters of IITM have emphasized on imparting "Quality Education" from day one of the college. Our faculty members have been chosen carefully and groomed continuously by our core management team drawn from reputed national institutes. In addition, we have abundant resources for teaching as well as learning. And to aid teaching and learning, we have excellent support systems. Our huge campus with all modern amenities provides ample space to facilitate high quality on-campus life.

 Our aim at Indus

We at, INDUS expose and motivate aspiring students to skillfully acquire the requisite knowledge with a strong professional orientation, focus on academic excellence and graduate employability. We attempt to make them inquisitive by conceptual teaching and physically strong by various games and extracurricular activities. Caring family like environment is provided in the hostels for their proper and overall growth.

 What Indus ensures

The Institute always exerts to ensure that students have a fulfilling, demanding and intellectually stimulating experience while at IITM, that prepares them for employment and worldwide opportunities when they leave.